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Repeat Prescriptions

If you require regular medication your Doctor may decide to make this a Repeat Prescription and issue you with a repeat prescribing slip. The slip indicates how many times you can order a repeat prescription. 

For example 2/4 indicates that you have already had two out of four authorisations. When you have reached your limit (e.g. 4/4) the Doctor will review your notes and may decide to speak to you or see you in Surgery or do a blood test.  The slip also indicates the date the next issue is due (this will be when your medication runs out). The slip may also give a date for review of your medication although this is not often used.

Repeat Prescription

We often use the repeat prescription slip to advertise new services or to pass on important health news.

Please use this slip, ticking the items you require or apply in writing and hand in at the reception desk or by post.

If you have lost your repeat slip you can print a repeat medication request form. This can only be used when the Doctor has decided your medicines are repeat prescriptions.

If you are unable to collect your prescription these can be posted back to you if you enclose a S.A.E. with your request.

Providing your request is made before 3pm, we aim to have your repeat prescription ready within three working days. Any requests made after 3pm would not be looked at until the next working day, however this may take longer if a doctor needs to review your notes.

Request date

Prescription ready

Monday before 3pm

Thursday after 4:30pm

Tuesday before 3pm

Friday after 4:30pm

Wednesday before 3pm

Monday after 4:30pm

Thursday before 3pm

Tuesday after 4:30pm

Friday before 3pm

Wednesday after 4:30pm

If you run out of your medication then an emergency supply (7 days) may be issued, however you will still need to request your medication in the normal way.


Pharmacy Collection

Although we are not permitted to recommend any pharmacy, some local pharmacists operate a scheme whereby they will collect your prescription from us. They will then dispense to you from their pharmacy. If you are housebound they may even deliver to your home. You will need to discuss with your chosen pharmacy, whether they offer these services.

Please note that the Burlington Pharmacy is a separate company and is not controlled by or connected to Burlington Primary Care. Any enquiries relating to their services should be directed to them direct on 01473 221022.


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