PPG Projects

Our Patient Participation Group and Practice Staff are working hard together to run projects which will benefit our patients.

Our patient demographic is diverse and has complex mental, physical  and social needs - which we strive to meet while taking into account the contraints of NHS budgets and capacity.


Patient Feedback Project

We ran a project over the Summer months in 2019 where members of our PPG spent time on a rotational basis in our 3 waiting rooms engaging with patients and their families. They encouraged patients to discuss their queries or concerns with them. The results were collated so that we could identify and themes or common trends. A summary of these findings can be found below. 

While speaking to our patients our volunteers also took the oppertunity to promote some of our services that patients may not be aware of - for example the new NHS app and patient online acess (both of which allow patients to view their medical records, order repeat prescriptions and book and cancel appointments).

Patient Feedback results


Meet Up Mondays

The PPG is now starting work on a new project which will be based around the national initiative (http://www.meetupmondays.org.uk/). This project is aiming to combat lonliness and social isolation for some of our patients by offering a local, regular and friendly place for people to meet, chat and spend time together. Please keep an eye out for more information when this is up and running. We will be advertising it on here, our Facebook page and around the Surgery.

We are also in talks with other local businesses to look at other ways we can collaborate and improve our patients wellbeing.

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