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by L.E.S gave Burlington Primary Care a rating of 5 stars

Excellent, caring Practice

I am a lifelong patient of BPC and I have never experienced difficulty in getting an appointment, same day if necessary. The whole Practice is efficient and effective in delivering excellent service in a kind and caring manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Burlington Primary Care. My comments are based on having a long term chronic condition where consistent monitoring is required. Many thanks to all.

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 30 April 2019

by Anonymous gave Burlington Primary Care a rating of 4 stars

Excellent Service

I called the surgery for help and advice when my 90 year old mother became very unwell. The receptionist was sympathetic and arranged for the advanced nurse practitioner to attend on a home visit. She arrived within the hour and was very professional and did a full assessment. She then arranged for the GP to ring us the following morning to check on my mothers condition. The telephone call was booked fo 7.30am and came through exactly on time. I am very grateful for the care and attention given.

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 07 April 2019

by Chris Gonin gave Burlington Primary Care a rating of 5 stars

I need the surgery regularly and the treatment is excellent

I have been the patient for nearly three years in September. During that time medication has been provided on time through the Pharmacy attached to the practice. Last Autumn 2017 a stent had been left in the remains of a gall bladder duct and this nearly started sepsis. The GP sent me to hospital and the stent removed and serious sepsis avoided. I take a number of medications as a result of this hospitalization, previous high blood pressure, and atrial fibrillation. I have just had an annual check of my health and have been passed in good condition.
From time to time I have minor problems which are usually dealt with effectively by a range
of experienced and professional staff.
I would warmly recommend this practice for any member of our family or any friends. Indeed I find it unsatisfactory when colleagues who move into our retirement flats do not transfer to this one

Visited in May 2018, Posted on 15 May 2018

by TB gave Burlington Primary Care a rating of 4 stars

Good experiences

Never got a problem to get an appointment. There is delays before can get trough via the phone, but it's understandable when you think how many people want to get trough at the same time. Once you start ringing from 8am usually getting appointments the same day if nececary to see a Doctor or practitioner. All Doctors trying to keep professional.
Specially want to thank one Dr. for understandings, help and support trough my healing process.

Visited in April 2018, Posted on 18 April 2018