Training the Nurses and Doctors of Tomorrow

Burlington Primary Care has a long tradition of training nurses and doctors. Some of your favourites were trained here and without your help, patience and willingness to see those in training they would not be looking after you now.

This does not happen by accident or in secret. It is a partnership of patient, trainee and teacher, and is an integral part of what happens at Burlington Primary Care.

When you visit you may see medical and nursing students, student midwifes or qualified nurses and doctors extending their training into General Practice. If we can see that you have a particular problem now or in the past we may invite you to see our medical students in your free time - currently Mondays. This voluntary service is greatly appreciated and gives you, the patient, a chance to influence the doctors of the future - before the bad habits set in.

Always, you will be under the care of a qualified doctor or nurse who might see you together with the student or after the student has talked to you first. You are always in charge and at any time before or during the consultation you can ask the trainee to leave.

When you allow trainees to examine you, you are giving them a chance to learn that is much better than with mannequins and dummies. Your feed back and comments are always welcome, and the differences between real people and textbooks can only be learnt by examining many patients.

At times we will video a consultation. This is to allow the trainee and teacher to look back and see where improvements could be made or to give praise for a job well done. Video can only be used if you have agreed and have signed the consent form before and after the consultation. The video can only be used for education purposes and NEVER distributed or placed on the internet.

Thank you to all our patients and staff that help training the NHS of tomorrow.