Veteran Support Resources

This page is here to support the Veteran Friendly Practice Scheme. Please see below links for services that support anyone who has served in the armed forces or their family members. Give us a call if you have ever served in the armed forces and we can update you records and support you in the best way possible.


Did you know?

  • A veteran is someone who has served in the armed forces for at least 1 day. There are around 2.4 million veterans in Great Britain.
  • There are many charities that provide great services, advice and support for veterans, reservists and family members.
  • All veterans are entitled to priority access to NHS care (including hospital, primary or community care) for conditions associated with their time within the armed forces (service-related).
  • If you have served in the UK armed forces and have a complex and lifelong health condition, you may be eligible for the veterans personalised care programme. Please read the document below for for information and apply via contacting the CCG.

 What dedicated NHS services and other support organisations are available to veterans?

Veterans’ Mental Health, Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service (TILS)

  • TILS provides a range of treatment, from recognising the early signs of mental health problems and providing access to early support, to therapeutic treatment for complex mental health difficulties and psychological trauma. Help may also be provided with housing, employment, alcohol misuse and social support.
  • GPs and patients can contact the service directly for a referral: call 0300 323 0137 or email

Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (CTS)

  • CTS is a service for ex-forces who have military related complex mental health difficulties that have not improved with previous treatment. The service provides a range of support for drug and alcohol misuse, physical health, employment, housing,relationships and finances, as well as occupational and trauma focused therapies.  A referral to this service can be made using the contact details for TILS above.

Veterans' Trauma Network (VTN)

  • VTN is the first NHS pathway for veterans’ physical health, providing care and treatment to those with a service-attributable healthcare problem. Located in ten major trauma centres (Plymouth, Oxford, London (three centres), Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Middlesbrough) across England, the VTN works closely with Defence Medical Services, national centres of clinical expertise, the TILS and CTS, as well as military charities to provide a complete package of care. It is run largely by healthcare professionals who are either veterans or serving members of the Armed Forces. Please do get in touch if you would like us to refer you to this service.

Veterans’ Gateway

  • For any ex-service personnel and their families looking for advice or support, 24 hours a day. It is the first point of contact to a network of military and non-military partner organisations to help veterans and their families find exactly what information, advice and support they need, when they need it - across key areas from physical and mental health to employability, housing, finances, personal relationships and more.



Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Services

  • If hearing loss and / or tinnitus has occurred during time in service, support can be funded through the Royal British Legion Veterans’ Hearing Fund. To access the service, patients can be referred by their GP to their local NHS audiology department so please do get in contact if you think you might benefit from this service.

Mobility Equipment Support

  • The Royal British Legion has a Veterans’ Mobility Fund, which provides specialist wheelchairs, orthotic equipment and other mobility related items for veterans who have a service related serious physical injury and whose needs cannot be met through statutory services. Eligibility for the fund requires the condition to be attributable to service and typically applicants will be in receipt of a War Pension or relevant award under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. To find out more, visit the Veterans Mobility Fund section on The Royal British Legion website


  • A group of charitable, support and state organisations that enhance mental health support.




  • A single point of contact for interaction with the Armed Forces community.



Help For Heroes 

  • Support for wounded, injured and sick service personnel, veterans and their families.



Combat Stress

  • The UK’s leading mental health charity for veterans providing free specialised clinical treatment and support.




  • Provides care and treatment to those who have been injured during their time in service. Blesma supports limbless veterans to lead independent and fulfilling lives and is dedicated to assisting serving and ex-service men and women who have suffered life-changing limb loss or the use of a limb, an eye or loss of sight. They support these men and women throughout the UK and provide centralised assistance to those living overseas.



Walking With The Wounded

  • Walking with The Wounded supports vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. They aid those vulnerable veterans who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assist them in sustaining their independence through new sustainable careers outside of the military.