Managing your health

Please read this letter carefully as the process for long term condition reviews has changed  RECALL LETTER 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, here at Burlington Primary Care we are changing the way we run our annual long term condition reviews.  We will now be asking patients to submit information and have blood tests prior to their annual review to make the review process more efficient and to enable us to keep our patients safe and away from the Surgery where at all possible.

We have also streamlined the long term condition reviews to be in line with your birth month. This means that we aim to review all of a patients medical conditions and get any necessary blood tests done, reauthorise medication and carry out a medication review all in their birth month. As long as everything remains stable we may then not need to see patients for their long term conditions for another year.

We will contact you when we require you to complete one or more of the health questionnaires below. These then need to be returned to us preferably by email. Please open the questionnaire, fill it in online and then choose the option to print to pdf, save it on your computer and then email it back to us using Alternatively you can print it out and return it to us by post, or put it through our door.

We require the completed questionnaires back before we carry out any long term condition reviews and unfortunately if the reviews cannot be carried out it may mean we have to reduce medication as we cannot safely prescribe medication without monitoring the health of our patients.