Healthcare Team 

Community Midwives

We have some community midwives here at BPC. They have a very comprehensive, ongoing education and appraisal system in place, and have to attend many sessions annually to keep up to date with their practise and maintain their registration. The real art of midwifery lies in a natural optimism and trust that nature knows how to do its thing, with a skilled eye out for the very rare occasion that it doesn't quite go to plan.  Infinite patience to let nature do that thing at its own pace, and the capacity to drink large amounts of tea while waiting!

Health Visitors

As part of the review process being undertaken by our CCG the Health Visiting team are now working in area clusters around the town.  The team offers advice on all aspects of child care, parenting and development for all children up to the age of 5. You can contact the Health Visitors on their direct line no. 01473 745461


Attached Staff

Link Workers

Diabetic Nurses